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I work with veterans as they have other challenges beyond the physical from their experiences of war. Many veterans have said to me that it’s unfortunate that other people won’t benefit from my work. I guess I kind of do see things a little differently. I started learning about movement patterns early, as I needed to address my own health. Movement is medicinal, we just need to do it right.

I am currently working on an online project called Passage to Fitness. This is my work laid out to the public. However, fitness in this case is defined as the “ability to fulfill a particular role or task,” and not simply exercises. Ego aside, I have to find out what people want to know about in my area of expertise.

A question I have always had for myself was “can I be the best that I can be in this short existence of mine?” This blog is a blank canvas to me, where I want to share my knowledge, projects and anything else of value that can benefit you. Welcome aboard!

-Pheing Ngo

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