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Have you ever found yourself not taking action to do something because everything wasn’t perfect yet? I have, and more often then I want to admit. The habit is trending the other way these days, but it is tough switching gears over the years.

The project, Passage to Fitness was going to be at a standstill because I didn’t have some equipment. I looked online to order, but COVID circumstances have shipping times of 30-60 days. I was not going to wait that long to get started, so I saw what I could do locally and that would function just fine in the interim. Within two days, I got things set up and ready to go. If I waited for all my perfect props and equipment, I would have been paralyzed for a couple of months.

With everything that we do, there can always be an ideal scenario. Yet if we wait, we lose momentum and the enthusiasm is lost. And when or if the planets do align, the lack of enthusiasm or hint of fear can stop us in our tracks. Instead, I think we should go guns a blazing and re-adjust as we go along. Let go of perfection, it is paralyzing.

-Pheing Ngo

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