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Potential is useless without action!

The previous month I was in correspondence with a fellow blogger (LINK) and someone else that is planning to be a website designer. We all have gems of knowledge we can share with others. We sometimes find ourselves in a lull and find a hard time moving forward because of fear or habit, as comfort is always the easiest default. However, getting started usually is the best course of action because the more we sit still, the more energy it takes to move the boulder of our potential forward.

Draw the line, reach your goal…draw another line, reach your goal…repeat! This is definitely a simple formula, but it is taxing when faced with something new or monumental in our eyes. I say dream big, bigger than you can ever fathom the scale of which you are aiming, and within that great dream, set up those micro actions that get you there. The big dream will be the fuel to get you moving, not the daily actions. Passion will ignite momentum to get involved!

I participated in a class for public speaking before the pandemic hit. The instructors were all wonderful and deliberately positive and enthusiastic. Something I must admit is still a work in progress for me, but I will resolve to make those attributes part of my existence. You, like me have something extraordinary waiting to be tapped into. But remember this, someone with great potential will have the most regret when lying on his death bed wishing he would have risked more and gave it his all. The individual who may not have extraordinary potential, but who is willing to fail and fight for what he desires will usually go a lot further and harbor less resentment when the final days come.

Potential is just that, like a great book sitting in a library waiting to be read, but never opened….

Get it done! Get moving! Get kinetic!

-Pheing Ngo

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