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Pheing started looking into health and mobility at the age of 13. Ever since, he has been constantly increasing his skills and knowledge pertaining to healthcare. He is naturally drawn to how the body and mind can maintain normal function well into the later years. That was why he started a business to assist veterans with health and habitual degeneration.

My eyes open to the darkness of the jungle. If there are any noises, I am too tired to hear anything. The back of my father’s shirt is covered in blood. My head is resting on the back of his neck and my arms loosely wrap around him. We are on the run. I don’t remember much at the time, I was young. All I get are little windows of memory of what happened as we were making our way through the jungle. I closed my eyes from exhaustion. My grip loosened and I dropped to the ground. Something bit me and I started crying. My family came to quiet me down as we were still in danger, but I quickly faded into the darkness once again. I regained my consciousness briefly and remembered being on a boat. We were on our way to a refugee camp in Thailand. We were leaving behind the horrors of this regime, leaving behind the land mines, leaving behind the 3 million dead bodies spread across the killing fields of Cambodia. This was our chance, this was our escape, and this was our freedom!
We made it to Canada. Coming from a third world country where people died from famine, Canada was abundant and unusual. My family lived through hell on earth. When we were still in the refugee camp, I was given beef floss in a container. I don’t know why, but till this day the smell repulses me. My family told me stories about them foraging for food, remedying themselves from eating poisonous plants and killing snakes to make sure they survived. So when we got here, we didn’t adjust properly. I got fat over the years and had high blood pressure when I was thirteen. I was tired and lethargic all the time and my doctor was worried for my health. I took it upon myself to get better. It took me 5 years to achieve my goal. Unfortunately, I've had to lose 35 lbs. four times in my life. I went about it the wrong way the first three times, and going overboard on exercise, supplements and fad diets. These experiences were probably the biggest reason I am in health care. The human body is extraordinary, but we need to understand how to use it properly to optimize health, movement and longevity.
Why was I afraid all the time? For as long as I can remember, I was always afraid and I couldn’t figure it out, but in retrospect, it’s all too clear. Fear kept my family away from danger. Fear kept them quiet, so they wouldn’t be severely punished. Fear kept my family alive through the genocide. Though we are in the west now, my family still harbored that fear. So as I was growing up, everything I wanted to try or do was met with an unintended injection of fear. It became a prison, and fear was a ruthless warden and it took most of my life to overcome. One day I told myself I had to face fear head on. For a decade, I took jobs that scared me. I worked door to door, cold calling, canvasing and anything else that would put me in direct confrontation with fear. They talk about butterflies in your stomach when you do things that make you nervous, mine were definitely not butterflies, it felt like piranhas shredding me up from the inside. I built up a lot of self-confidence over the years, and I realized that a lot of things we worry about don’t end up happening most of the time. Fear can be debilitating. The weird thing about confidence is that it needs you to build it. That will take time, action and experience.
Be it personal or business, growth has always been a primary driver of mine. I have operated as a sole proprietor for a while now, it works well for me. However, the limitation of this model is that I will always be the bottleneck to my business. That sense of control is what we have to let go of, if we want to grow. Otherwise we just end up choking our own potential. The new venture for me is to become an entrepreneur. I want to change the course of health care and evolve it to another level. We currently have patient care, we wait until people are sick, injured or broken before addressing the issue, we can do better. I need to find the right people to surround myself with to create something extraordinary. It will be a lot of work, but it is something I can wake up excited about. Looking back, I can acknowledge the accomplishments and more importantly the failures that have got me here. There is more to do. The world may try to crush you into submission. Never give in! You may doubt your potential when confronted with internal conflict. Never give up!